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Vintage jewelry has a unique elegance. From textured silver rings to gold earrings with gemstones in bezel settings, vintage jewelry is simply fabulous. If you are looking for vintage-looking pieces, then your wish is our command. We have put together a collection of vintage jewelry pieces that you will absolutely adore. Scroll down to see unique retro jewelry, antique-looking rings and other fab pieces. Complete your jewelry collection with vintage-looking pieces that will inspire you to try the elegance of the old times.

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Why & where to buy vintage jewelry?

A woman with a great sense of style has both contemporary and vintage-looking pieces in her jewelry collection. A long pearl strand, an antique ring with a big gemstones, a pair of chandelier earrings that look fabulous with a black dress, all of these pieces are elegant and charming. Vintage jewelry is fabulous for formal occasions and it draws attention to your style. And since the fashion world is intent on keeping vintages pieces in our dressings, then you also need the jewelry that matches those outfits. Get unique vintage pieces from Ana Luisa to experience the charm of handcrafted unique designer jewelry

How to clean vintage jewelry?

Get an antique-looking moonstone ring with a big gem in a bezel setting. Feminine, elegant and pretty, this ring will be your center piece. Wear a long black dress with an open back along with a strand of pearls. Choose pearl studs for earrings and a jewel clutch to complete the look. Burgundy lipstick is mandatory, by the way. Have fun styling your vintage jewelry and create fabulous and memorable looks.

How to clean vintage jewelry?

Vintage pieces tend to have intricate designs, which is why you need a jewelry brush with soft bristles. Clean your jewelry regularly and use the brush to reach the hard places. As antique jewelry has a specific texture, don’t polish it at home or you can scratch it. If you feel that your jewelry needs polishing, take it to the jewelry shop. Also, keep your jewelry away from water and harsh chemicals and make sure to store it properly so that it doesn’t get scratched. 


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