Unique Earrings

From fantasy designs to gorgeous nature-inspired creations, unique earrings are jewelry pieces that any woman must have in her jewelry box. Whether you are into big statement earrings, delicate designs or classic pieces with a modern twist, you have come to the right place. Because we know how much you love earrings, we have put together a fantastic collection of unique earrings where you are bound to find your next favorite jewelry piece. Scroll down to see our gorgeous earrings and discover the perfect pair for your jewelry collection.

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Why & where to buy unique earrings?

We strongly believe that any woman should have a pair of unique earrings to wear whenever she wants to make a statement. These can be large statement earrings that you get to wear with your favorite cocktail dress, but they can also be quirky fantasy studs or linear drop earrings. It all comes down to your personal style, after all. And if you want to get a truly unique design, one that you cannot find elsewhere, then it’s mandatory to get your stylish earrings from Ana Luisa.

How to style unique earrings?

We are going to let our imagination run free and offer a great styling idea featuring a pair of big freeform earrings. Wear these large gold earrings with your hair up to let them take the center stage. Make a statement of them and keep your other jewelry minimal. In fact, do not wear any other jewelry except maybe a delicate anklet. Get a maxi chiffon dress in a solid color, preferably white or off-white. Add flat sandals and a trendy straw hat and you are ready to go out and leave an unforgettable impression.

How to clean unique earrings?

Cleaning and maintaining your earrings is easy as long as you don’t forget about the golden rules. The first rule is to use a damp microfiber cloth or a jewelry brush and clean them regularly. Don’t soak your unique earrings in water and don’t wear them to the beach or the pool. You also have to be very careful where you store your earrings so that they don’t get scratched by your other jewelry. The last golden rule is to keep them away from chemicals. This includes your perfume and body lotion as well. Simply apply perfume or body lotion before putting your unique earrings on, then wait for a couple of minutes.


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