Stackable Necklace

Contemporary and creative, the stackable necklace is this season’s jewelry trend. Whenever you want to get a statement look, instead of a chunky necklace, you can choose to layer your necklaces and add a personal touch to your jewelry stack. Whether you choose a dainty chain necklace, a gemstone pendant, or a strand of baroque pearls, the stacking necklace is a chic & versatile idea. And since there are no limits to styling necklaces, you can also mix different metals as long as you maintain a common element to create a cohesive look. If you are in search of new ideas and necklace styles, then keep on scrolling down to see our stackable necklace collection. Discover some of our most popular designs and how you can layer them to create a fresh new look. Play with different styles and sizes and show your jewelry styling skills with layered necklaces.

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How to style a stackable necklace?

The beauty of layered necklaces is that you can personalize your look to a point where it becomes unique. You can create different themes and get creative even at a formal event. For example, a coin necklace layered with a clover pendant and a short gold choker creates a lucky theme. Likewise, you can also mix gemstones and try a chic black & white look with pearl strands and onyx necklaces. However, when wearing a stackable necklace, make sure to keep your other jewelry minimal so that your neck area becomes the focal point. Also, avoid prints and patterns and choose solid color clothes that will act like a canvass for your layered necklaces.

How to clean your necklaces?

Just like any other jewelry piece, your stackable necklace also needs regular cleaning. However, avoid soaking it in water. Use a damp lint-free cloth to gently rub your necklace and let it dry off afterward. The best way to store a necklace is on a necklace tree that prevents it from getting tangled. Periodically, you should inspect the necklace clasp to make sure that it is still secure and avoid losing your favorite necklace. When doing housework or physical exercise it is best to avoid wearing your jewelry.


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