Safety Pin Earrings

Chic and contemporary, safety pin earrings represent the hottest jewelry trend of the moment. And we bet that this trend is here to stay. These minimal earrings are great to wear every single day for a unique personal touch. They also look fabulous when styled with statement jewelry and last, but not least, safety pin earrings look gorgeous in an earring stack. Whether you are looking for sterling silver or gold earrings, you can find a beautiful collection of delicate earrings here, at Ana Luisa. We have put together some of our most beloved designs so that you can choose the pair that matches your style. Scroll down to see our gorgeous designs and, if you can’t decide between gold and silver, remember that you can always get both.

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How to style safety pin earrings?

Styling this kind of earrings requires some creativity. You can always go with a minimal vibe and wear your earrings along with a simple chain link necklace and solid color clothes. With safety pin earrings you can also create a chic jewelry theme. For example, you can match them with another tailor-inspired piece, like a stiletto necklace. Since these earrings are delicate and small, you can also style them with statement jewelry, like a gemstone cuff bracelet or a chunky collar necklace. When it comes to stacking your earrings, the safety pin design looks great next to a linear drop earring or a ball drop stud.

How to clean your earrings?

It’s important to clean your earrings regularly to avoid dirt building up on the earrings post. However, don’t soak them in water, and don’t use harsh chemicals or detergents. Try cleaning them with a damp microfiber cloth or a jewelry brush. Be very gentle when cleaning your safety pin earrings because you don’t want to scratch them. Avoid wearing them when you are doing housework or go swimming. If your earrings have gemstones, make sure to get the setting inspected regularly. This way you can keep the gems secure and your earrings will always look beautiful. When you are not wearing them, store them safely inside the jewelry box.


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