Pearl Jewelry

It’s no secret that any woman loves pearl jewelry. These gorgeous gems with their unique luster are elegant, feminine and they tend to make any look stand out from the crowd. And because we know you are always looking for beautiful pearl jewelry, we have put together a spectacular collection that you will fall in love with. Scroll down to see unique pearl drop earrings featuring baroque pearls, elegant pearl studs, classic pearl necklaces and contemporary pearl pendants. At Ana Luisa you will always find jewelry featuring classic gemstones reinterpreted in a modern and unique way.

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Why & where to buy pearl jewelry?

Coco Chanel believed that women only need pearls. And while we can’t speak about your other needs, we definitely agree that no jewelry collection is ever complete without pearl jewelry. A classic princess-length pearl necklace, a long strand of pearls or a beautiful pair of pearl drop earrings are mandatory designs for every woman with a great sense of style. Whenever you want to feel classy and elegant or get a smart-casual look, put on your pearl jewelry. And yes, in our collections we also feature modern designs that reinterpret this classic gemstone.

How to style pearl jewelry?

Get an edgy look by wearing a pair of pearl drop earrings featuring baroque pearls. Wear your hair in a messy updo and add a chunky gold collar necklace. You can also wear a signet ring to balance your look and create cohesion between the statement necklace and the delicate pearl earrings. Wear a striped blouse, tailored white trousers and flat sandals to complete this look. Your pearl jewelry will add elegance to a smart-casual outfit, while the statement necklace and the signet ring will add a contemporary twist.

How to clean pearl jewelry?

You have to be really careful when cleaning pearl jewelry because it can easily get scratched. Rub your jewelry gently using a damp microfiber cloth and let it dry off afterward. If you want to prevent your pearls from turning yellow, don’t keep them in an airtight jewelry bag. As pearls are organic gems they need the moisture in the air to maintain their stunning luster.


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