Minimalist Jewelry

Minimalist jewelry is trendy, easy to style and it has a subtle unique charm. From essential jewelry pieces like metallic stud earrings and chain bracelets to minimalist necklaces and rings, there is a whole universe of minimalist jewelry waiting for you to discover it. Are you looking to complete your jewelry collection with a couple of minimalist pieces? In search of the perfect jewelry piece that will go well with your statement earrings? Then all you need to do is scroll down and discover Ana Luisa’s minimalist jewelry collection. Check out our delicate fine jewelry and beautiful designs. Whether you want a pair of minimalist earrings, a new fabulous ring or a chic minimalist necklace, you will find it in our amazing collection.

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Why & where to get minimalist jewelry?

Comfortable to wear and easy to style, minimalist jewelry is suitable for any occasion. It doesn’t get in your way and it always adds a subtle edgy vibe to your outfit. Another reason why you need a couple of minimalist pieces is that you can style them with your statement jewelry. Wear your big chunky ring with a minimalist bracelet or try your simple ball studs with a statement choker. And last, but not least, minimalist jewelry has a unique sophistication vibe that will transform any outfit into a great style example.

How to wear minimalist jewelry?

We love a polished metallic look, so here’s a fantastic idea. Get an edgy vibe with a pair of white gold minimalist stud earrings. Wear your hair up and choose a burgundy lipstick. Continue the theme with a simple silver ring in a ball design and wear silver pumps. An off-white simple tee and a pair of leather pants will also look great. If you want to add a creative vibe to this outfit, choose a charm bracelet with a single medium-sized charm.

How to clean minimalist jewelry?

It’s important to clean your jewelry regularly using a damp microfiber cloth or a jewelry brush. Be very gentle about it so that you don’t scratch the jewelry. When preparing to go out, apply perfume and body lotion before you put your minimalist jewelry on and wait for a couple of minutes. Keep your jewelry away from water and harsh chemicals and it will always look as new.


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