Lucky Charm Necklace

It’s your lucky day! Because we believe in the power of fabulous jewelry, we have put together a collection of chic lucky charm necklaces. Each of our stunning designs has a story behind it, one that we know you can’t wait to discover. All that you need to do is to scroll down and check out our lucky charm necklace collection. From delicate pendants with religious symbols to gold horn and evil eye necklaces, you will discover a beautiful selection of jewelry dedicated to Lady Luck. See our collection, choose the lucky charm necklace that you like and who knows? Perhaps you will win the lottery. And, if not, you are sure to win a couple of styling points with our beautiful designs.

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Why & where to buy a lucky charm necklace?

If you want to win the lottery, get that promotion you’ve been dreaming of or receive a lifetime promo code for stylish shoes, then you need a lucky charm necklace. We are kidding, of course, but who knows what might happen when you are keeping Lady Luck at your side? Besides that, lucky charm necklaces always have interesting stories and legends behind them and they are great conversation starters at parties. And last, but not least, a good luck necklace has personality and it is very easy to style and blend into your favorite outfits. So get yourself a unique lucky charm necklace from Ana Luisa’s collection. 

How to style a lucky charm necklace?

Choose a lucky charm necklace with a chic pendant, like the evil eye necklace. Wear your necklace with a fringe blouse, boyfriend jeans, and boots. Accessorize your good luck necklace with a pair of oversized hoops or geometric studs. Complete your look with a chunky cuff bracelet. May the luck be with you!

How to clean a lucky charm necklace?

Clean your lucky charm necklace with a damp lint-free cloth. Rub it gently and with patience. When you are not wearing your necklace, take care of it by storing it on a necklace tree. This way you can prevent your chic necklace from getting tangled. Keep away from water and chemicals.


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