Heart Necklace

Charming and playful, the heart necklace is an adorable jewelry piece that can be very elegant. Forget about the heart necklaces that you used to wear as a kid. These new styles are fabulous, edgy and fun to style with your other jewelry. Do you want a silver heart necklace with a creative design that adds a stylish vibe to your boho-chic outfit? Or perhaps a gold heart necklace in a minimal design that you can wear with bridal jewelry? All you have to do is scroll down to discover the heart necklace that matches your everyday hoops. At Ana Luisa, we have created a unique collection of heart necklaces that are edgy, stylish and beautiful. Not to mention they also work great with prom jewelry.

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Why get a heart necklace?

Some people believe that a heart necklace is a childish jewelry piece but we beg to differ. Like other nature-inspired jewelry pieces, a heart necklace tells a story about the wearer and looks very creative. You can use a chunky heart necklace to make a statement or wear a delicate one to a romantic first date along with a pair of pearl drop earrings. And if you are one of those people who believe that nothing says “I love you” better than fine jewelry, then a heart necklace and a pair of heart earrings may be the ideal Valentine’s Day gift. Whether you choose one with gemstones or a simple silver or gold necklace, you get a chic jewelry piece that is easy to style and has a unique charm. 

How to wear a heart necklace?

One of the trick questions is how to wear a heart necklace without looking tacky. Well, here’s an idea for you. Get a dainty necklace with a gold heart pendant and wear it with a turtleneck blouse. Add a pair of crystal studs or a pair of small hoop earrings, a chic wristwatch and put on your favorite cashmere blazer. You can choose a pleated skirt for a chic retro look or a pair of tailored trousers for a business look, but don’t forget the romantic earrings. 

How to clean a heart necklace?

Just like with any other necklace, use a soft jewelry brush to reach the hard places and gently rub your necklace with a damp lint-free cloth. If it’s a silver necklace, polish it regularly to prevent tarnish or take it to the jewelry shop for professional polishing.


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