Halloween Jewelry

When the spooky time of the year comes, we all think about our costumes. But we should also consider the jewelry as perfection is in the details. Looking for the best Halloween jewelry to match your outfit? Then look no further than our selection below. From fabulous antique jewelry to unique designs, we have put together a collection of Halloween jewelry where you will find the perfect pieces to complement your outfit. Scroll down to see our collection and choose the jewelry that inspires you.

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Why & where to buy Halloween jewelry?

A great costume is about details that come together in a nice way. You cannot wear a Marie Antoinette costume, for example, and choose a leather choker. It all has to match and this is where Halloween jewelry comes into the picture. You need to coordinate your pieces with your outfit. Luckily for you, you don’t need a day of shopping to find the perfect jewelry for your costume. In our Halloween jewelry collection below you will find a vast selection of pieces that you can accessorize with different costumes.

How to style Halloween jewelry?

If you are going to that party dressed up as a witch, for example, your jewelry needs to reflect your choice as well. Style a black pearl pendant with your dark deep-V gown and accessorize the look with a pair of nature-inspired stud earrings. Coordinate your black pearl pendant with a signet onyx ring to create a fabulous look. Of course, this is only an example. You can find Halloween jewelry for any costume, all you have to do is get creative. Happy Halloween!

How to clean Halloween jewelry?

You have to take care of your pieces so that you can wear them more than once. Clean your Halloween jewelry with a damp lint-free cloth by running them gently. Don’t soak your jewelry in water and keep it away from perfume and body lotions. After your jewelry dries off, store it safely inside the jewelry box to prevent it from getting scratched. Once a year, you can take your jewelry for a professional polishing or you can do it at home by using a jewelry polishing cloth. 


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