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Ladies, let’s face it. We all love gold rings and can’t get enough of these precious jewelry pieces. If you want a unique gold ring, one that you can wear on a daily basis or style with a formal outfit, you have come to the right place. At Ana Luisa, we have carefully curated a gold ring collection featuring some of our most interesting design. Scroll down to discover our fabulous gold rings and choose the one that matches your style. Whether you want a gold signet ring, a gold ring with a beautiful gemstone or a ring with an intricate band design, you will find it below.

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Why & where to buy a gold ring?

A gold ring is not only elegant and feminine, but it also looks great with patterns. It is also a must-have item for the stacked rings look. And yes, gold is a color that works perfectly with red, blue or pastel nail polish. In truth, we believe that no jewelry collection can ever be complete without a gold ring. So, if you want a unique designer piece, one that will complement your style and clothes, choose one of Ana Luisa’s gold rings.

How to style a gold ring?

Get a unique and elegant look by choosing a gold ring with a woven band and without gemstones. Continue the theme with a lace dress or blouse and a pair of pearl drop earrings. A chain bracelet may distract from the ring, buy a simple gold bangle will enhance its beauty. You don’t need a necklace for this look but, if you want to wear one, choose a dainty design with a simple pendant. Add a pair of golden flat sandals and you are ready to go out and leave a memorable impression.

How to clean a gold ring?

The first rule of caring for your gold ring is to keep it away from water and harsh chemicals. When cleaning your ring, don’t soak it in water. Simply use a jewelry brush or a damp lint-free cloth and rub the ring gently. If it has gemstones, pay a visit to the jewelry store once in a while to have the setting inspected for damaged prongs or other problems that could cause you to lose the gem.


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