Gemstone Pendant

A gemstone pendant is chic, easy to style and beautiful. No jewelry collection can ever be complete without a pendant necklace featuring a stylish gemstone. And because we want your jewelry collection to be complete, we have created a collection of fabulous gemstone pendant necklaces. Looking for the perfect summery turquoise necklace? Or perhaps a pearl pendant with a big, lustrous pearl? Or maybe a mysterious onyx necklace? Whatever you are looking for, we have it. Scroll down to see our beautiful gemstone pendant necklaces with pearls, onyx, turquoise, moonstone, and other chic gems.

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Why & where to buy a gemstone pendant?

A gemstone pendant is your signature piece. Regardless of the gem you choose, your necklace tells a story about yourself and your style. A pendant necklace with a single gemstone is chic and easy to style with your other jewelry. It works on any occasion and it always adds a touch of elegance to your outfit. You can choose to wear a gemstone pendant that features your birthstone or one with a gem that has a special meaning to you. If you want to buy a fabulous gemstone necklace with a unique design, get it from Ana Luisa’s collection.

How to style a gemstone pendant?

We love a single gemstone pendant but we also love a layered look. So this time, we are going to go with a layered gemstone necklace. Choose a design with a coin necklace and a moonstone pendant and wear it with a deep-V neckline. You can choose a solid color blouse or go for a wrap dress. Style your necklace with a pair of pearl drop earrings and add a moonstone ring to bring back the theme of your necklace. Wear stiletto shoes or strappy sandals, a pair of oversized sunglasses and your deep red lipstick to complete a fabulous look.

How to clean a gemstone pendant?

Unless the gem is your necklace has a high hardness score, we don’t recommend mechanical cleaning methods. Instead, clean your gemstone pendant manually by using a damp microfiber cloth. After your necklace dries off, store it on a necklace tree to prevent it from getting tangled. Don’t soak your gemstone pendant in water and keep it away from chemical substances.


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