Gemstone Earrings

A pair of gemstone earrings has an unmatched vibe of timeless elegance. Of course, earrings have different styles and you should choose the ones that match your style. For example, gemstone studs are great for women who love minimal and delicate jewelry. Gemstone drop earrings, on the other hand, are a fashion statement and look gorgeous with a formal gown. Gemstone hoops are playful, yet elegant and they are perfect to wear to a party. Regardless of what kind of gemstone earrings you love, you are bound to find the perfect pair in our carefully curated collection. Just scroll down to see our gorgeous designs and choose your ideal pair of earrings. One thing to remember, though. Whether you want a pair of diamond earrings, pearl drops, or any other gemstone piece, remember that all of our pieces are crafted sustainably, using only sustainably sourced gemstones.

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How to style gemstone earrings?

Styling gemstone earrings means accessing a sea of possibilities. You can wear a pair of gemstone studs along with a dainty necklace and a solid color suit to get a smart-business look. You can also wear a pair of statement earrings with gemstones along with a simple collar necklace and an elegant formal gown. And if you want to get a contemporary look, you can stack your earrings as well. A pair of diamond studs, for example, will look beautiful when layered with a linear drop earring or a gold huggie hoop. When styling your gemstone jewelry, however, make sure that the different gemstones work together. If you are wearing a gemstone piece in a strong hue, for example, a sapphire necklace, try to combine it with clear stud earrings or pearl drops.

How to clean your earrings?

Avoid soaking your earrings in water or using harsh detergents. Instead, clean them with a jewelry brush or a soft lint-free cloth. It’s important to remember to take your gemstone earrings off when you are showering or swimming. Also, since the settings that hold the gemstones in place can sometimes get damaged, make sure to have them inspected regularly. This way you can avoid losing them gemstone.


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