Enamel Earrings

With their artistic vibe and art-nouveau style, enamel earrings are simply gorgeous. Colorful, elegant and feminine, enamel jewelry pieces must not miss from your jewelry collection. And because we share your love for unique designer jewelry and artistic enamel, we have created a fabulous collection of enamel earrings. Scroll down to see colorful linear drop earrings, retro ball drop earrings or delicate flower studs, all in enamel. Choose the summer jewelry that represents your style and start wearing it to add a chic vibe to your outfit every single time you go out.

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Why & where to buy enamel earrings?

If you want a unique jewelry piece, or perhaps the perfect Christmas jewelry piece, then you need a pair of enamel earrings. You can wear them whenever you want to add a touch of color to your look, whether you choose a statement design or a delicate pair of earrings. You also need enamel earrings for your boho-chic outfits, along with your colorful pinky rings. And the best part when it comes to a colorful pair of earrings is that they offer you many options. The more colorful they are, the easier it is to bring back one of the colors in your clothes. So get your fabulous enamel earrings from Ana Luisa if you want to wear everyday jewelry with unmistakable charm.

How to style enamel earrings?

Remember how we said the more colors, the better? Get a pair of enamel earrings in a linear drop design featuring five different colors. Wear your hair up so that everybody can admire your gorgeous earrings. Wear a lock necklace or a collar necklace and a gemstone cuff in one of the colors of your earrings. Let your clothes become a canvass for your elegant earrings and choose a white embroidered midi dress. Complete your look with colorful sandals or shoes and a medium-sized bag and you are ready to go out and meet a new day in style. You can also get two different pairs of enamel hoops and wear mismatched earrings. 

How to clean enamel earrings?

You have to be very careful when cleaning your enamel earrings so that you don’t scratch them. Use a damp microfiber cloth and rub them gently. Let your earrings dry off and store them in a separate compartment inside the jewelry box so that they don’t get chipped by your other jewelry.


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