Cluster Earrings

There is nothing more glamorous than a cluster of gems bound together in a beautiful design. Elegant, memorable and always chic, cluster earrings are special jewelry pieces. If you check out the Red Carpet looks from any year, you will notice many movie stars wearing this kind of earrings. And there is a simple reason for that – cluster earrings are fabulous. Looking for the perfect pair of earrings for your next event? Then scroll down to see our collection of cluster earrings. With freshwater pearls, red beads or red agate, our earrings are unique, elegant and absolutely gorgeous.

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Why & where to buy cluster earrings?

If you love gemstones, then you need a pair of cluster earrings in your jewelry collection. With designs that incorporate several tiny gemstones, clusters are very glamorous and refined. You can wear them whenever you want to be elegant and glam and you can style them with simple jewelry. Clusters are also creative and look fantastic with any kind of face shape. If you want to get a stunning pair of cluster earrings, get one from our fabulous collection featuring gems like freshwater pearls and red agate.

How to style cluster earrings?

Choose a pair of clusters with delicate freshwater pearls. Style your hair in a neat updo and complement your earrings with a pearl pendant. For an edgier look, choose a chunky gold collar instead of a dainty pendant. Wear either a fabulous cocktail ring or a delicate tennis bracelet, but not both at the same time. Choose a dress from a precious material with a fluid texture like silk or satin. We recommend a maxi black silk dress with delicate strappy sandals.

How to clean cluster earrings?

Cluster earrings are a little bit more difficult to clean than other types of earrings because of their design. However, with patience and care, you can make them look like new again. Use a soft jewelry brush and clean your earrings gently. Don’t rub too hard or else you might scratch the gems. Keep your clusters away from chemical substances and direct contact with water. When you are not wearing your earrings, store them inside the jewelry box in a separate compartment.


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