Bezel Necklace

Discover the perfect bezel necklace for you, courtesy of Ana Luisa. We love bezel necklaces for their vintage feel and their subtle elegance. And to show exactly how much we love them, we have created a fab collection of necklaces featuring gemstones in a bezel setting. Scroll down to see our beautiful collection of necklaces with different gemstones. Get a mesmerizing lapis lazuli necklace to wear on your next date or an edgy layered necklace with onyx to try with your favorite cocktail outfit. Take your jewelry game to the next level with a sleek diamond bezel necklace or a mysterious moonstone necklace.

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Why & where to buy a bezel necklace?

If you are not yet convinced that you need a bezel necklace in your jewelry collection, then simply check out our creations. A bezel necklace is not only elegant, but it has a unique touch that will upgrade any outfit. What’s more, it is very easy to accessorize such a necklace and use it to create a statement look. And last, but not least, the bezel setting is one of the most secure ones. This means that the gem will be protected from bumps and scratches and your favorite jewelry piece will always look as new.

How to style a bezel necklace?

You are in luck because blue is the color of this year and, as it happens, we have two mesmerizing lapis lazuli necklaces in our collection. Go monochrome to show your love for blue with one of our lapis lazuli bezel necklaces. Get matching earrings or simple gold drop earrings. Wear a midi wrap blue velvet dress and a pair of high heels boots. Don’t forget about the clutch and you are ready to go out.

How to clean necklaces?

A bezel necklace is easier to clean as this setting is not prone to dirt build-ups. However, you still need to clean it regularly. Just use a damp lint-free cloth soaked in warm water and rub your necklace gently with it. Let it dry off and store it on a necklace tree when you are not wearing it to protect it from getting tangled.


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