Art Deco Jewelry

With its sleek look and artistic design, art deco jewelry is gorgeous. Wearing an art deco –inspired piece will always add a chic vibe to your outfit. And because we know you are looking for the perfect art deco jewelry to complete your jewelry collection, we have prepared a special selection for you. Scroll down to see our gorgeous designs and choose a beautiful art deco necklace, a creative art deco ring or a fantastic pair of art deco earrings. Show your unique style with art deco jewelry and check out our collection of stunning designs.

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Why & where to buy art deco jewelry?

We all want to wear unique pieces with designs that represent us. Art deco jewelry is just that. With their unique combination of gemstones and textures, art deco pieces will instantly upgrade any outfit. They work for formal events and cocktail parties and you can even style your art deco jewelry with jeans. Art deco earrings emphasize your features, an art deco necklace is ideal to bring out a simple outfit while an art deco ring is the perfect final touch to an elegant look. And because at Ana Luisa we feature unique designs, get the perfect art deco pieces from our collection above.

How to wear art deco jewelry?

Get an art deco necklace with an onyx pendant and wear it with a beige midi dress. Style your necklace with a pair of art deco studs with a textured look. Play with the colors in your look and add some contrast with a moonstone ring. If you’d rather wear your art deco jewelry with jeans, then choose a single piece inspired from this period, like a necklace with a honeycomb design. You can play with styles and wear medium-sized gold hoops and a couple of stacked bangles to complete the look.

How to clean art deco jewelry?

Because art deco jewelry has intricate designs, you have to use a soft jewelry brush to reach the hard places. Be patient and gentle about it so that you don’t scratch the jewelry. Keep your jewelry away from direct contact with water or chemical substances. When you are not wearing it, store it safely inside the jewelry box.


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