13 Year Anniversary Gift

The traditional 13th anniversary gift is lace. When it comes to gemstones, the moonstone is traditionally the 13th anniversary gemstone. In case you are looking for the perfect anniversary present for your wife or girlfriend, this is where you start. But don’t worry, we are still here for you to help you out. At Ana Luisa, we have put together a gorgeous 13th anniversary gift collection. From stunning necklaces and artistic earrings to diamond and moonstone jewelry, you will discover fabulous pieces in our collection below. Scroll down to check out our gorgeous pieces and choose the perfect present for your wife or girlfriend.

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Choosing a traditional 13th anniversary gift

No, you won’t find lace jewelry in our collection, but we will do you one better. You will find elaborate pieces with designs that resemble the beauty of lace. And yes, you will also find moonstone jewelry so that you can pick the perfect 13th anniversary gift for your beloved. Ana Luisa’s Rebecca necklace features a moonstone pendant and it looks gorgeous. If you’d rather buy a new ring for your wife or girlfriend, choose one of our Chloe and Adele rings. Both gold rings look like lace turned into gold. Elegant, feminine and gorgeous, these rings are some of the best anniversary presents you can get. And speaking of lacy gold, you should also check out our Antoinette twisted hoop earrings. If your beloved loves hoops, then she will adore these chic & fun earrings. Last, but not least, Ana Luisa’s Hana marble pink earrings with hand-painted enamel have a very artistic and delicate feel.

A non-traditional 13th anniversary gift

If you don’t want to stay in the traditional zone, you can still buy a beautiful 13th anniversary gift that your beloved will appreciate. Ana Luisa’s Mini Love Knot earrings are not only cute and chic, but they also symbolize the power of your bond. Our Boa earrings have a unique & stunning design and they can be about the wisdom that comes after 13 years of relationship. And, of course, if you want to impress your wife or girlfriend with a fabulous 13th anniversary gift, go with diamonds. Choose Ana Luisa’s fabulous diamond jewelry set featuring a pair of sparkling diamond studs and a dainty diamond pendant necklace.


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