White Gemstones

There are two types of white gemstones – the milky white variety like pearls and moonstone and colorless gemstones like clear crystal and diamonds. We know what you are thinking. Colorless gemstones are not white. However, people refer to them as being white, too. The good news is that in our white gemstones jewelry collection, you will get to discover fabulous designs featuring pearls, moonstone and clear crystals. The bad news? You will love our white gemstones jewelry so much that you will become addicted to it. Don’t say that we haven’t warned you. Scroll down to discover beautiful moonstone rings, gorgeous crystal earrings and fabulous pearl necklaces.

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Why & where to buy white gemstones jewelry?

Elegant and feminine, white gemstones jewelry, whether we are referring to colorless or milky white gems, is always appropriate and easy to style. It looks great with both silver and gold. You can wear any colors and prints and still look chic. Not to mention the fact that nothing compares to the glamorous brilliance of a clear gemstone or the delicate luster of pearls.

How to style white gemstones jewelry?

As we said, white gemstones jewelry is easy to style. But you want to take it to the next level, don’t you? In this case, go monochrome with a mix of moonstone and pearls and a white lace midi dress. Wear a gold moonstone ring with a big gem and a pair of delicate pearl drop earrings. Add a pearl pendant necklace and white sandals and you are ready to go out and leave a memorable impression. Of course, you should also add a bit of color with a deep red lipstick or a coral one. If you want to transform this look into a boho chic one, leave the necklace at home and wear an anklet with pearl charms.

How to clean white gemstones jewelry?

When it comes to white gemstones, both pearls and moonstone are not very hard gems. Don’t use mechanical cleaning methods, just rub them gently with a damp microfiber cloth. Clear crystal or diamonds are more resistant but you should still ask your jeweler whether you can use mechanical cleaning methods on these white gemstones.


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