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Every woman who loves jewelry has both classic and contemporary designs in her jewelry box. When it comes to trendy jewelry, we are talking about more than trends. We are talking about modern designs that you love and that remain with you. Yes, trends play an important part but it is more important to wear jewelry that matches your style. This being said, we have curated a fabulous collection of trendy jewelry where you will discover unique designs. Scroll down to see our stunning collection and discover the pieces that you will never want to take off. Find the jewelry that speaks to you and complements your personal style.

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Why & where to buy trendy jewelry?

The number one reason why you need trendy jewelry is to get out of the comfort zone and experiment with your style. Yes, classic pieces are also great but if you limit yourself to them, you won’t get much room for creativity. A trendy jewelry piece will allow you to experiment and discover what you love. It will also offer you ideas, inspiration and an extra chic vibe. And guess what? You may not love all the trends, but chances are that you are going to fall in love with some of them. Don’t limit yourself to classic designs only and start exploring the world of jewelry. Get your fabulous pieces from Ana Luisa to add a touch of glamour to your everyday style.

How to style trendy jewelry?

What do you say about combining classic and trendy jewelry in the same look? Get a pair of classic pearl studs and style them with a fabulous coin necklace. Bring back the theme of the earrings with a pearl ring featuring a cluster of tiny pearls. Wear your favorite pair of jeans, a stripe jacket and a lace top to complete this look. Optionally, you can choose a pair of stilettos. If you feel more comfortable without high heels, wear a pair of flat sandals.

How to clean trendy jewelry?

Clean your jewelry using a soft jewelry brush soaked in warm water. Be careful not to soak your jewelry in water and keep it away from harsh chemicals. Store your trendy jewelry properly inside the jewelry box to prevent accidents that can damage your favorite pieces.


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