Stud Earrings

Fun or elegant, minimal or elaborate, nobody can deny the charm of stud earrings. Every woman has at least one pair of silver or gold studs in her jewelry box and most women wear studs on a daily basis. If you are looking for a unique pair of stud earrings, one that perfectly matches your style, check out our collection below. You will discover nature-inspired studs, like flower stud earrings or shell studs, classic pearl studs, elegant clear crystal stud earrings or simple and versatile ball studs in silver, gold or white gold. Get the pair of studs that you will never want to take off from Ana Luisa.

Why & where to buy stud earrings?

We could write a book on why you need studs. Firstly, they are the most versatile jewelry pieces and look fabulous with any outfit and any other jewelry. Secondly, you can use stud earrings to try the mismatched earrings look. Thirdly, stud earrings are creative and you can get a pair that represents not only your style, but also the things you love. Shell studs remind us of the beautiful sea, leaf studs are a nature statement, cross stud earrings represent your beliefs. And last, but not least, stud earrings don’t catch on hair and are so comfortable to wear that you can even forget you are wearing them.

How to style stud earrings?

You can wear stud earrings however you like. But we are still going to offer some styling inspiration for these beautiful jewelry pieces. Get a pair of shell gold studs for a cool summer look. Match them when with a chunky turquoise necklace to continue the theme. Wear a flowy maxi summer dress and a pair of soft suede sandals. Add a little bit of lip gloss and your fabulous look is complete.

How to clean stud earrings?

They may be small and easy to wear, but stud earrings require regular cleaning just like any other jewelry. Rub them gently with a soft cloth soaked in warm water. Use a jewelry brush for the backing to prevent dirt build-up. If you have a pair of gemstone studs, make sure a jeweler inspects the setting once in a while to avoid losing the gemstone.