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It’s that time of the year when you get to wear a gorgeous gown and fabulous jewelry to your big event. Prom night is a special night that should always be celebrated with unique prom jewelry. You already have the dress but don’t know which jewelry to wear to your big event? Don’t worry, we got your back. From delicate pearl jewelry to statement earrings and other stunning designs, we have curated a collection of prom jewelry for you. Scroll down to see our amazing designs and choose the pieces that match your dress and help you create that unforgettable look.

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Why & where to buy prom jewelry?

Your prom look is about attention to details. The beautiful dress that perfectly matches your shoes, the hairstyle that emphasizes your features and the prom jewelry that creates fabulous accents to a memorable look. You need prom jewelry in order to complete your look and look gorgeous at your prom. This is why you should get your prom jewelry from Ana Luisa’s collection. Each of the designs in this collection was carefully chosen to match your special event.

How to style prom jewelry?

It all depends on the gown, of course. If you have planned to go with the trend and have chosen a gorgeous off-white chiffon gown, complement it with pearls. Get a pair of cluster pearl earrings and wear your hair up in an elaborate bun. You can also wear a dainty pearl pendant or go all in with a fabulous pearl necklace. If you’d rather focus on your hands, skip on the necklace and choose a big moonstone ring with an antique design. Go monochrome with off-white stiletto shoes and add a little bit more glamour with a jewel clutch.

How to clean prom jewelry?

You will need your prom jewelry for other occasions as well, so take good care of it. Clean it by rubbing it gently with a damp lint-free cloth. Store it properly inside the jewelry box. One important thing to remember is to apply perfume and body lotion before putting your jewelry on so that it doesn’t get in contact with chemical substances.


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