Pinky Rings

Who doesn’t love pinky rings? Cute, chic and always a fashion statement, these rings are fabulous. And we believe that any ring can become a pinky ring as long as it has the right size. But because we know you are looking for some inspirational ideas, we have selected a couple of our designs that you can wear on your pinky finger whenever you want to add a creative vibe to your outfit. Scroll down to see our pinky rings and choose the design that you love. From chunky gold bands to gemstones rings and rings with unique designs, there are gorgeous pieces in our selection below. Check them out and fall in love with unique jewelry created for unique & bold women.

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Why & where to buy pinky rings?

Your life is not complete without a cute pinky ring. Well, to be honest, we are talking about your jewelry box, in fact. Anyway, a pinky ring is a perfect addition to your jewelry collection because it is chic, elegant and a fashion statement. There are also a lot of interesting stories about the meaning of wearing a pinky ring, but we are going to stick to fashion. Whenever you want to get a statement look, simply wear a ring on your pinky. And, of course, if you want to get a unique ring design, get it from Ana Luisa’s collection.

How to style pinky rings?

It’s time for a finger party. Use your pinky rings to create a statement look and define yourself as an extra-chic woman. Wear a gold ring with an interesting band design on your middle finger and choose a pinky ring with a big gemstone with a vintage cut. To create balance, add another ring on your index finger. Don’t wear any bracelets, but bring back the color of the gemstone in your pinky ring through your stud earrings. To complete your look, choose a gold collar necklace.

How to clean pinky rings?

Rub your pinky rings gently with a damp lint-free cloth. Let them dry off and keep them inside the jewelry box when you are not wearing them. Once a year, have the setting of your rings inspected to make sure the gemstones are still secure.


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