Natural Pearl Earrings

There is nothing more elegant and stylish than a pair of natural pearl earrings. Whether you choose freshwater or saltwater pearls, your earrings will still look fab. We have to admit that we love pearls in every shape, size, and color. If you are like us, then you will appreciate our fabulous collection of natural pearl earrings. Scroll down to discover gorgeous pearl drop earrings, pearl studs and other unique gold plated earrings with natural freshwater pearls. At Ana Luisa, we show our love for pearls in fabulous jewelry designs for hypoallergenic earrings. Choose a new pair of earrings and fine the perfect bridesmaid jewelry in our collection.

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Why & where to buy natural pearl earrings?

Whenever you want to obtain an elegant and feminine look, wear your pearl earrings and style them with Byzantine jewelry. With their soft luster, beautiful look and sleek texture, natural pearl earrings look and feel fabulous. It’s no wonder that women have always loved pearls. Of course, pearl earrings also work with casual clothes and fine sterling silver jewelry. If you want to get a unique pair of natural pearl earrings, then get it from Ana Luisa’s collection. We feature fabulous designs with round or baroque freshwater pearls that look fab with vintage jewelry.

How to style natural pearl earrings?

Move away from the classic zone and discover a new territory with natural pearl earrings. Choose a fresh design, like Ana Luisa’s Cloud earrings. Accessorize your earrings with a dainty pearl pendant or a fine necklaces stack and a chunky cuff bracelet to create a contrasting look. Wear a blue satin blouse and a midi skirt. Complete your look with strappy sandals, a chic tote bag, and a hypoallergenic ring.

How to clean natural pearl earrings?

Natural pearls are organic gems, which means that they are not as hard as other gemstones. You have to be very careful when cleaning your natural pearl earrings. Use a soft microfiber cloth soaked in warm water and clean them gently. It is very important not to soak your earrings in water and to keep them away from harsh chemicals. Apply perfume or body lotion before putting your earrings on. To prevent your pearls from turning yellow, don’t keep them in airtight bags or boxes. While pearls don’t like direct contact with water, they need the moisture in the air to maintain their luster.


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