Moonstone Necklace

Mysterious, delicate and ultra-feminine, a moonstone necklace is a must-have jewelry piece for your collection. We have to admit that we are simply in love with this fabulous gemstone and its beautiful inner glow. And because we know you feel the same way, we have prepared a collection of moonstone necklaces that are simply adorable. Scroll down to see out moonstone necklace collection and discover amazing jewelry pieces. From dainty moonstone necklaces to layered necklaces with moonstone gems, we have created a fabulous selection for you. Scroll down to discover it and choose the jewelry pieces that match your personal style.

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Why & where to buy a moonstone necklace?

Besides being chic and easy to style, a moonstone necklace will always add a feminine and elegant touch to your outfit. Because of its chic look, you can wear such a necklace on a daily basis but also style it with other fine jewelry at a formal event. There is, practically, no limit on the number of occasions where you can wear this necklace. Another great reason to own a moonstone necklace is that you can easily accessorize it with pearl jewelry to create a fresh look. So go ahead and get the perfect necklace from Ana Luisa’s moonstone selection.

How to style a moonstone necklace?

Get a dainty moonstone necklace with a gold chain and wear it with a chiffon blouse in a deep color like navy or emerald. This will create a beautiful contrast between the milky white color of your moonstone necklace and the color of the blouse. Keep it chic with a pair of gold ball stud earrings and a charm bracelet with pearls. Wear your favorite pair of jeans, ankle boots, and a chic tote to complete this fabulous look.

How to clean a moonstone necklace?

Be very careful when cleaning your necklace because the moonstone is not a very hard gem. Use a soft microfiber cloth soaked in warm water to rub your necklace gently. Don’t rub it too hard and be careful not to scratch it. Let your moonstone necklace dry off, then store it properly on a necklace tree. This way you prevent it from getting tangled inside the jewelry box. 


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