Lock Necklace

A lock necklace can make you look more modern and sophisticated. It also adds an element of style that may be hard to find in other necklace styles. If we take a look back at the history of the padlock necklace, it has a special meaning. This little jewelry staple symbolizes protection and security as, in ancient times, padlocks were used to keep everything within our walls secure. A lock necklace also reflects a timeless bond between lover and loved one. For this reason, padlocks have been used for centuries as a means of protection and communication between lovers. The same symbols that invoke romance are also emblems of security and intimacy.
If you are looking for a special jewelry staple, then you have come to the right place. We have curated a collection of sleek & stylish lock necklaces that you will fall in love with. Keep scrolling down to discover them all.

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How to style a lock necklace

Lock necklaces are super fashionable right now and everyone wants to look their best. Whether you are going for a simple, straightforward look or something more fashionable, you can always style a lock necklace to suit your taste.
Oftentimes, a simple but classy padlock necklace will do just fine when combined with a pair of simple hoops or stud earrings. Other times, layering your necklaces or combining your padlock pendant with drop earrings will add an edgy accent to your look. Adding a decorative gem or two will elevate an otherwise simple necklace into something that can truly make you feel stunning. Because of the versatility of this design, there is no way you can get it wrong. Just be creative and wear your lock the best possible way.

How to care for your jewelry

Often we forget the importance of jewelry and the care required to maintain it. Almost all jewelry requires some sort of wipe down after use, and this should be done regularly. Clean your padlock necklace using a jewelry brush or a damp lint-free cloth. Your jewelry also needs to be stored securely in a cool dry place.


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