Lapis Lazuli

With its vibrant midnight sky color and unique gold specks, lapis lazuli is a gorgeous gemstone. This is why lapis lazuli jewelry is elegant, unique and incredibly creative. Looking to expand your jewelry collection with a fabulous new lapis lazuli necklace? Or perhaps a pair of lapis lazuli earrings with a delicate and feminine design? That’s fantastic because we have put together a collection of lapis lazuli jewelry that you will fall in love with. Check out our elegant lapis lazuli rings, our unique earrings or delicate lapis lazuli necklaces. Get your lapis lazuli jewelry from Ana Luisa and feel the power of great style.

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Why wear lapis lazuli jewelry?

This unique gemstone is elegant, glamorous and has an amazing look. And as if all this weren’t enough, lapis lazuli is the birthstone for December so it would make for a fabulous gift. Besides that, jewelry featuring this gemstone works very well for formal occasions but it is subtle enough for you to wear it to the office as well. Because of its unique gold or silver specks, lapis lazuli looks fabulous whether set in gold or silver and works great with pale gemstones such as pearls, moonstone and rose quartz.

When & where to wear lapis lazuli?

Whenever you want to add a touch of glamour to your outfit, simply choose lapis lazuli jewelry. You can even create a theme and wear a signet lapis lazuli ring with a pair of delicate lapis lazuli hoops. Create a cohesive look by adding a gold pendant necklace and choose clothes in a muted color that act as a canvas for your unique & gorgeous lapis lazuli jewelry.

How to clean lapis lazuli?

As you probably know, lapis lazuli is a rather soft gemstone, so you shouldn’t use mechanical cleaning methods on it. Choose a jewelry brush with soft bristles, lukewarm water and have a dry microfiber cloth at hand to dry off the jewelry afterward. Store your lapis lazuli jewelry in a safe space inside your jewelry box and make sure to take it off before showering. Last, but not least, keep away from chemical substances, including perfumes and body lotions.


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