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Jewelry sets can be very stylish and creative when you are wearing them the right way. We know that most women tend to steer away from jewelry sets because they may not seem very modern. However, the right sets are not only modern and chic but also great to wear every single day. Curious to find out more? Then scroll down to see our collection of fabulous sets. We have selected a couple of designer pieces that work great together, creating modern & unique jewelry sets. Check out our collection and get yourself a fabulous and creative set.

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Why & where to buy jewelry sets?

A set is a fabulous addition to any woman’s jewelry collection. Let’s admit it. There is nothing more elegant than a chic jewelry set. Also, jewelry sets help you style your pieces the right way without having to think too much about it. You can also get creative with them and use sets for your elegant monochrome looks. But if you want a truly unique set, one that looks contemporary and chic, you have to get it from Ana Luisa’s collection. Our pieces combine the charm of the jewelry sets with contemporary touches and reinvent classic jewelry.

How to style jewelry sets?

There is nothing more charming than a pearl set. Get a pair of pearl studs and style them with a princess-length pearl necklace. Wear your hair in a messy updo and try an edgy graphic tee to add a touch of modernity to your outfit. Wear jeans or culottes and a pair of stilettos. You can continue the pearl theme with a solitaire pearl ring. You can also move away from this theme and add a contemporary edge with a chunky ring. This is how you wear jewelry sets in a modern way.

How to clean jewelry sets?

Clean all of your jewelry sets regularly using a soft jewelry brush and warm water. Don’t soak your jewelry directly into water, though. When you are not wearing them, store your sets safely inside the jewelry box in a separate compartment so that you don’t lose them.


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