Gold Plated Jewelry

One of the reasons why we love gold plated jewelry is that it is elegant and it allows us to build our jewelry collection faster. Gold dipped jewelry is fabulous and it is always a great option when you want to try new designs and different styles. If you share our love for gold jewelry, then we have a surprise for you. We have selected some of our most fabulous designs for a unique gold plated jewelry collection that you will fall in love with. Discover unique gold plated earrings, delicate gold plated necklaces and fabulous gold dipped rings in our collection. Scroll down to see our fabulous pieces and choose the designs that match your personal style.

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Why & where to buy gold plated jewelry?

We believe that the perfect jewelry collection is a mix of fine pieces and fashion jewelry that looks premium. You need gold plated jewelry in your collection if you want to have a couple of statement pieces that you can easily mix and match. High-quality, with unique textures and beautiful designs, gold dipped jewelry is a dream come true for any woman who can’t get enough of the fabulous jewelry designs that come out each season. Ana Luisa’s gold dipped jewelry has a thick layer of gold and it will always look fabulous.

How to style gold plated jewelry?

Get a sun-kissed golden look by wearing a pair of big gold-dipped statement earrings. Pull your hair up in a messy updo and accessorize your earrings with a dainty gold necklace. You don’t need a bracelet for this look, but we recommend you to wear a gold dipped delicate anklet. Tie up your look with a chunky gold ring. As for your clothes, wear a delicate white lace dress that will act as a canvass for your gold plated jewelry.

How to clean gold plated jewelry?

Soak a microfiber cloth in warm water and rub your gold-dipped jewelry gently. Let it dry off and store it inside the jewelry box in a separate compartment when you are not wearing it. Don’t polish your gold plated jewelry if you don’t want to scratch the gold layer.


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