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Tell us what gold necklace you love and we’ll tell you who you are. The saying may not go exactly like this, but it is true that a gold necklace reveals a lot about your personality. Love a gold pendant necklace with a retro coin? Prefer a layered gold necklace with a statement feel? Or perhaps a creative beaded gold necklace that always looks glamorous? Regardless of your answer, you will discover you next favorite necklace in our carefully curated collection below. Scroll down to see our gold necklaces and discover the one that matches your style. Fair warning, though. You may end up getting more than one necklace because you will become addicted to our unique designs.

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Why & where to buy a gold necklace?

A gold necklace is a personal glamour signature. It is elegant and it tells a story about your style. What we love the most about this jewelry piece is that it blends with any outfit and instantly transforms your look. Whether you wear a gold coin necklace, a gold collar or even a gold layered necklace, you get an elegant vibe that works even with a casual outfit. If you want to develop your personal style and get a signature look, a gold necklace from Ana Luisa is how you start. 

How to wear a gold necklace?

There are many types of gold necklaces, but here is a fun and creative idea. Get a beaded gold necklace and wear it with a sweetheart crop top in a solid color. Continue the theme with a pair of gold ball studs and wear your hair in a messy updo. Put on a pair of high-waist jeans and pumps and you are ready to go out. Don’t forget about a glossy lipstick and a clutch in a vibrant color.

How to clean a gold necklace?

The first rule of cleaning a gold necklace is to do it gently. Don’t soak your necklace in water, but rather use a damp microfiber cloth or a jewelry brush. Store it on a necklace tree to protect it from getting tangled. Another important rule is to apply your perfume and wait for a couple of minutes before putting on the necklace.


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