Gold Dainty Necklace

You can’t call yourself a true jewelry lover if you don’t own at least one gold dainty necklace. Delicate and feminine, this jewelry piece is an essential accessory that you can wear every single day. Being minimal, this type of necklace is perfect to wear alone or even stack with other necklaces. The dainty necklace can be either a simple gold chain or it can feature a delicate pendant. If you are looking for a new gold dainty necklace to add to your jewelry collection, then scroll down. We have many designs but, in this collection, we have curated some of our most popular styles. Whether you want a necklace for yourself or as a gift for somebody dear, we are sure that you will find exactly what are looking for in our dedicated collection.

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How to style a gold dainty necklace?

Styling a simple gold necklace looks like an easy job. And it is, but it can also get very creative. For example, you can always try the layered necklace look. Be wary of the different lengths and try to choose necklaces that don’t look the same. You can style a princess-length necklace with a lariat and a choker, for example. When layering necklaces, you can also combine beads with chains. A short pearl necklace will look lovely with a longer pendant necklace and a medium-sized link chain. Besides layering, you can also get creative with your gold dainty necklace when following a certain theme. If your necklace has a shell pendant, you can style it with pearl studs and a sun ring to evoke the sea. There are countless themes you can create with your jewelry, from nature-inspired themes to geometric ones.

How to clean your necklaces?

Cleaning your necklace is easy as long as you remember a few rules. Don’t soak it in water and don’t use harsh chemicals. Just rub it with a damp lint-free cloth and let it dry off afterward. Also, when you shower or go swimming, remember to take it off. Water can ruin your gold dainty necklace so be careful about it. Last, but not least, store it on a necklace tree to prevent it from getting tangled.


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