Gemstone Jewelry

We all love gemstone jewelry. It’s chic, classy and very creative. And, of course, we all have our favorite gems and use our jewelry to add a subtle touch of color to our outfits. Are you looking for a creative piece featuring your favorite gems? In search of a new bling that will match your style? Say no more. Just scroll down to discover our gorgeous gemstone jewelry collection. Whether you love pale gems like pearls and moonstone or are in the market for some color, like the vibrant shade of lapis lazuli, you will find it in our collection below. Get ready to fall in love with our creations and choose your next favorite jewelry piece.

Why & where to buy gemstone jewelry?
Gemstones are glamorous and stylish. A cute gemstone ring will add a playful vibe to your outfit, while a pair of lapis lazuli earrings will bring out your eyes. The truth is that any woman needs gems in her jewelry collection. Another great thing about gemstone jewelry is that many gems are also birthstones so it gets more personal. And last, but not least, gemstones have different meanings and are always ideal for thoughtful presents.

How to wear gemstone jewelry?
A very important style rule for gems is to make sure their color doesn’t clash with your outfit. Don’t wear orange gemstones with red or yellow clothes, don’t style green gems with blue dresses or blouses. Want to get more specific and try a new styling idea? Then go monochrome with blue. Wear a lapis lazuli ring and a pair of earrings featuring lapis lazuli gemstones. Choose an A-line mini dress in a vibrant blue color and a pair of blue lacquer shoes. Don’t forget about the clutch.

How to clean gemstone jewelry?
With gemstones, you have to be very careful not to scratch them. With harder gems, like diamonds, rubies or even amethyst, you can use mechanical cleaning methods. However, gemstone jewelry that features softer gems, like pearls or moonstones should only be cleaned manually. As a rule, clean your jewelry using a damp microfiber cloth and a jewelry brush for the area around the setting. Have the setting inspected once a year to make sure the gems are secure.

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