Freshwater Pearls Jewelry

Freshwater pearls are beautiful, feminine and extremely varied. From perfectly round shapes to rice and baroque freshwater pearls, you can find a lot of variety among these stunning gems. Also, when it comes to their color, these pearls can be white, silver, pink or even have blue undertones. If you love pearls as much as we do, then scroll down to see our collection. You will discover unique pearl earrings featuring baroque freshwater pearls, dainty pearl necklaces with rice pearls and other beautiful jewelry pieces. Get your pearls in a unique and contemporary design and up your jewelry game.

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Why & where to buy freshwater pearls?

Of all the pearl varieties, freshwater pearls are the most surprising with their unique shapes and beautiful colors. They also have a high luster and look very feminine. And, as any woman needs pearls, you should get a couple of pearl jewelry pieces to complete your collection. Whether you love classic pieces with round pearls or contemporary designs featuring baroque freshwater pearls, you can find the jewelry that matches your style in our collection.

How to style freshwater pearls?

Get a gold pendant necklace featuring a freshwater pearl with high luster. Wear it with a silk blouse with a deep-V neckline. If you don’t want to distract from the beauty of your pearl pendant, choose a solid color blouse instead of a patterned one. You can accessorize this look with pearl studs or pearl drop earrings. If you want to move away from the pearl theme, a pair of chandelier gold earrings will also look nice. Stack a couple of bangles and wear a pair of culottes to complete this look.

How to clean freshwater pearls?

Take care of your pearls if you want to keep them from turning yellow or losing their luster. Rub them gently with a damp microfiber cloth and let them dry off. Don’t make the mistake of storing your pearl jewelry in airtight bags because pearls need the moisture in the air to remain lustrous. However, even though they like a little bit of moisture, pearls don’t do well when soaked in water. Keep your freshwater pearls away from chemicals as well.


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