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Looking for a new pair of formal earrings to wear to your next party? Say no more. At Ana Luisa, we specialize in unique & stunning designs. All of our earrings are beautiful and chic but, to help you out, we have selected a couple of our best designs for formal earrings. Whether you are into diamonds, pearls or solid gold earrings, you are in for a treat. Scroll down and check out our elegant earrings. Choose your favorite pair and wear it with confidence to your next black-tie event.

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Why & where to buy formal earrings?

Even if you like casual or minimal designs and are usually wearing simple earrings, you still need a pair of formal earrings in your jewelry collection. Think of these earrings as the final ingredient to a really elegant & chic black-tie outfit. When you are going to a formal event, you will feel great wearing a pair of formal earrings that look fabulous with your dress. And, depending on your style, you don’t even have to wear a pair of statement earrings in order to be elegant. Diamond studs, for example, are not only versatile but also appropriate for black tie events.

How to style formal earrings?

Elegant doesn’t necessarily mean with gemstones. A pair of formal earrings can have a simple design, without gems, and still look fabulous. For example, wear gold teardrop earrings with a messy updo and a delicate, thin gold necklace. Add some volume with a chunky cuff bracelet. Choose a simple black velvet dress and a pair of stiletto shoes and you are ready to go out. Alternatively, if you want a sparkling look, wear a diamond jewelry set. Choose diamond studs and a dainty diamond pendant necklace. Don’t wear any other jewelry and choose a royal blue midi dress. All you need now are strappy sandals and a chic clutch.

How to clean your earrings?

Cleaning formal earrings is not difficult. Use a soft jewelry brush and warm water, but don’t soak your earrings in water. Let them dry off and store them safely inside the jewelry box when you are not wearing them.


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