Fine Gold Jewelry

Fine gold jewelry has fascinated people for thousands of years. When you think about it, jewelry was a means of expression since ancient times. Today, gold jewelry continues to fascinate us and, frankly, we can get enough of it. If you are as obsessed with jewelry as we are, then you are going to love the next part. Ana Luisa has prepared a fabulous collection of fine gold jewelry especially for you. Scroll down to see fab gold designs, large hoops, cluster earrings, dainty rings, delicate stud earrings, and more stunning jewelry pieces. Get your designer jewelry from Ana Luisa and experience the power of fabulous styling.

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Why & where to buy fine gold jewelry?

Whether you want a pair of 14k gold earrings, an 18k gold ring, or stunning large gold hoop earrings you need to own at least a couple of gold pieces. Fine gold jewelry is gorgeous, elegant and very attractive. When you are wearing gold your look gets a sophisticated vibe. Also, gold jewelry is durable and easy to style so you get to wear it every single day if you want to. There are a lot of designs for gold jewelry, including coin jewelry, but if you want to get a unique piece, then you should buy it from Ana Luisa’s collection.

How to style fine gold jewelry?

Get a smart-casual look with fine gold jewelry. Wear a pair of medium-sized thin gold hoops or a pair of small gold hoop earrings and accessorize them with a delicate gold collar necklace or a ball chain necklace. Stack a couple of gold bangle bracelets or cuff bracelets and wear your favorite print tee. You can match it with a midi skirt or choose a pair of high-waist jeans to complete your look.

How to clean fine gold jewelry?

It is very important, when cleaning your fine gold jewelry, to be very gentle about it. Use a soft microfiber cloth soaked in warm water and clean your pieces with it without rubbing too hard. Don’t put your gold jewelry directly in water and avoid contact with harsh chemicals. Apply perfume and body lotion before putting your jewelry on. Once every three or four months, you can polish your jewelry using a gold polishing cloth. Keep your pieces inside the jewelry box when you are not wearing them.


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