Essential Jewelry

Jewelry is essential when you want to get a chic look. But what about essential jewelry pieces? Those are styles and creations that you can wear anytime and style with basically any outfit. The essential jewelry pieces are the equivalent of the little black dress. So what creations do you need to have in your jewelry collection? Scroll down to find out. We have selected a couple of essential pieces and created a unique collection. Simple stud earrings, gold hoops, silver bracelets, and dainty necklaces are waiting for you in Ana Luisa’s collection. Check out these must-have pieces and complete your jewelry collection.

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Why & where to buy essential jewelry?

Essential jewelry is like perfume – subtle, delicate and always appropriate. You can always get a chic look by mixing and matching a couple of essential pieces. Easy to style and comfortable to wear, this kind of jewelry is a must-have for any woman. Whether your essential pieces are hoops and dainty necklaces or simple rings and chain bracelets, you will be able to style them with any of your clothes and create fabulous outfits. So get yourself a couple of essential jewelry pieces from Ana Luisa’s collection to enjoy unique designs and stunning creations.

How to style essential jewelry?

SOur guess is that any woman knows how to style her essential pieces, but we are still going to offer you some inspiration. Wear a pair of solid white gold ball stud earrings and accessorize them with a dainty silver necklace. You can choose a layered design with a small & chic clear gemstone. Complement your silvery look with a thin silver bracelet and add an edgy vibe with a chunky silver ring. You can wear a chic A-line mini dress in a solid color and a pair of stiletto shoes or strappy sandals.

How to clean essential jewelry?

Essential jewelry pieces are easy to clean as they do not have a very intricate design. You should still clean them regularly with a damp lint-free cloth. Let your pieces dry off and store them properly when you are not wearing them. Necklaces go on the necklace tree, while your rings, earrings, and bracelets go inside the jewelry box.


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