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Artistic, lively and elegant, enamel jewelry is truly unique. And because we know that you love unique jewelry, we have put together a collection of fabulous enamel jewelry. Looking for a piece that you can wear when you want to impress? How about a pair of vividly colored enamel earrings? Whether you love a pair of delicate enamel earrings, a statement enamel jewelry piece or matching enamel rings, you will find what you are looking for in our collection below. Scroll down, check out our jewelry and choose the enamel piece that matches your unique style.

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Why you should wear enamel jewelry?

Enamel jewelry is like wearing a tiny piece of art. Handcrafted with attention to detail and talent, this type of jewelry is always surprising. An enamel piece will be a nice touch to your elegant outfit and offer you a creative spark. However, enamel jewelry is not about elegance only. It can also be casual and work with a hip style. Another reason to wear enamel jewelry is that it will always bring color to your outfits, whether you choose an elegant pair of enamel earrings, a beautiful enamel ring or a playful enamel pendant necklace. 

How to style enamel jewelry?

Speaking of color, we love a pair of enamel earrings in a linear drop design featuring a multitude of colors. Don’t shy away from color and wear these earrings with your hair up so that they are visible to everybody. Bring back one of the colors of your enamel earrings in your solitaire ring or gemstone pendant necklace. Go all-white for the outfit and let your jewelry become an elegant & chic splash of color. 

How to care for enamel jewelry?

As beautiful as it is, enamel jewelry needs to be taken care of properly. You can clean it with a soft jewelry brush, but you have to be very careful about it. Any bump can cause the enamel to chip and if you rub it too hard, it can get scratched. Another important thing to remember about enamel jewelry is that you should store it with care. Wrap it in a soft microfiber cloth to prevent it from getting scratched by your other jewelry in the jewelry box.


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