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Earth friendly products is a term that doesn’t refer only to paper bags. Earth-friendly means that the product has no negative impact on the environment when it is made, during its use or after its lifecycle has come to an end. And in this regard, jewelry can also be Earth-friendly. Below you can see our collection of Earth friendly products. You should know that Ana Luisa uses 100% recycled gold and silver for its jewelry. When it comes to diamonds, we use clean, perfectly traceable lab-grown diamonds. We create sustainable jewelry that doesn’t hurt our planet. You can buy any jewelry piece at Ana Luisa and rest assured that you are buying ethical jewelry. This being said, we have created a collection of our most recent Earth-friendly products to show you how beautiful sustainable jewelry can be. Scroll down to check them out.

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Why & where to buy earth friendly products?

When it comes to jewelry, buying earth friendly products doesn’t mean compromising on the design or durability of the product. Sustainable jewelry is just as beautiful and durable as any other jewelry, but it comes with the added benefit of being eco-friendly.

The pearl jewelry in this collection uses organic pearls that look and feel fabulous. Our vermeil pieces are made of 100% recycled silver and they have a thick gold layer. To ensure the ethical standards of our jewelry pieces, Ana Luisa does its plating in-house. Did the diamonds catch your attention? Ana Luisa’s diamond stud earrings and pendant necklace are solid gold pieces made of recycled gold. The diamonds are lab-grown, which means that you can rest assured they don’t come from conflict zones.

How to take care of your jewelry?

Buying earth friendly products is great, but maintain them is also necessary. When cleaning your jewelry pieces, use only a damp microfiber cloth or a jewelry brush. Don’t soak your pieces in water. You have to clean your jewelry regularly and, for solid gold and sterling silver pieces, use a polishing cloth once or twice a year. When you are not wearing your jewelry, store it safely inside the jewelry box or on a necklace tree (for necklaces).


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