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We all love designer jewelry. Elegant, with unique textures and looks, this type of jewelry is fabulous. And because we know you are just as obsessed with jewelry as we are, we have a surprise for you. We have put together a collection of designer jewelry pieces that are the results of a collaboration between Ana Luisa and wonderful fashion icons & influencers. Scroll down to see our collection and discover iconic pieces like textured coin necklaces, royal blue pearl earrings, sleek nature-inspired pendants or unconventional hoop earrings. Discover the jewelry pieces that creative fashion icons or environmental awareness influencers have helped us design especially for you.

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Why & where to buy designer jewelry?

Designer jewelry is unique, fabulous and always creative. You need to have at least one designer piece in your collection. You can wear it at a formal event or style it with a smart-casual outfit to obtain an impeccable look. If you want to get the best designer jewelry, then get it from Ana Luisa’s selection. Discover the fabulous pieces that were designed by the people you follow and admire and have fun styling them with your other jewelry. At Ana Luisa you will always find unique pieces to fall in love with.

How to style designer jewelry?

Get a pair of royal blue pearl drop earrings and accessorize them with a honeycomb necklace. Ana Luisa’s Ali Andreea earrings were designed by star YouTuber Ali Andreea, while this fabulous gold honeycomb necklace is the result of a collaboration between Ana Luisa and Animal Educator Emzotic. Wear a couple of gold bangles bracelets and a midi blue skirt to tie up your look. Add a white crop top and you are ready to go out in style.

How to clean designer jewelry?

Use a damp microfiber cloth to rub your designer jewelry pieces gently until they are clean. Do not soak your jewelry in water and keep it away from detergents and other harsh chemicals like perfumes and body lotions. When you are not wearing your jewelry, store it inside the jewelry box to prevent it from getting scratched or tangled.


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