Dainty Necklace

Chic and feminine, with a timeless elegance that we adore, the dainty necklace is a must-have. Whether you choose a simple chain necklace or one with a stylish pendant, the choice is yours. The only matter where you don’t have a choice is owning such a necklace. We are joking, of course. But, since we curated a beautiful collection of dainty necklaces, we are certain that you will end up falling in love with at least one of them. From nature-inspired necklaces to gemstone pendants and simple link chains, our collection is a true celebration of this versatile jewelry piece. We just love how this lightweight and versatile necklace style can be easily accessorized with other jewelry. So go ahead and check out our gorgeous collection of dainty necklaces.

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How to style a dainty necklace?

Since the keyword here is dainty, avoid wearing your necklace with statement jewelry. A delicate necklace just doesn’t work with a chunky cuff bracelet or an oversized pair of earrings. However, if you still want to emphasize a focal point, try layering your necklaces. This way you can achieve a statement look without the statement piece itself. Just make sure that you choose necklaces of different lengths so that they look cohesive together. Another idea that we love is styling the dainty necklace with pearl drop earrings. This is a timeless feminine look with a certain elegance that we simply adore. If you’d rather try an edgier look, style your necklace with mismatched earrings or ear cuffs.

How to clean your necklace?

When cleaning your necklace, avoid soaking it in water or using harsh chemicals. A few drops of dishwater detergent and lukewarm water should do. Next, use a jewelry brush or a soft lint-free cloth that you soak in water and rub your necklace gently with it. When you are done, let your necklace dry off, and then hang it on a necklace tree to prevent tangling. When applying perfume or body lotion, wait a couple of minutes before you put your necklace on. Likewise, when swimming or showering, make sure to take your necklace off.


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