Coin Necklace

The fabulous coin necklace has been trending for some while now and we love its charming jingle. With pendants resembling actual coins, medals or natural elements, coin necklaces are beautiful, creative and fun to style. Whether you want a large coin necklace or a sophisticated minimal coin design, you can find it in our beautiful collection below. Scroll down to discover amazing coin necklaces that will look great with your outfits. And, by the way, if you love layered designs, we have a surprise for you. In this fab collection, we have included a couple of layered coin necklaces.

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Why & where to buy a coin necklace?

You can have lots of fun when experimenting with a coin necklace. Imagine layered necklaces or mixing metals and patterns to achieve a statement look. A coin necklace is also fashionable and beautiful. In many cultures, coins are believed to be good luck charms. From Chinese traditions to the Greek and Roman empires, coin necklaces have always been favorite jewelry pieces. And, coming back to modern ages, a coin necklace is also versatile and easy to style even when you are out of inspiration. We all have those days, after all.

How to style a coin necklace?

Just to make sure you always have an inspirational styling idea to try, here’s some advice. Wear a coin necklace with a creative design, such as one with a nature-inspired symbol carved into it. Get a solid color boat neckline tee and a pair of crop jeans. Balance the shape of your necklace with a pair of linear drop earrings and a geometric ring. Wear sandals, clear lip gloss and a pair of oversized sunglasses to pull off a chic and gorgeous look. 

How to clean a coin necklace?

Taking care of your coin necklace is easy as long as your remember to keep it away from water and chemicals. Just use a damp cloth for cleaning your necklace and rub it gently. You can also polish it with a gold or silver polishing cloth, depending on its metal, but don’t do it too often. Store your necklace on a necklace tree to protect it from getting tangled inside your jewelry box.


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