Gold Coin Jewelry

With a unique vintage vibe, coin jewelry is the talk of the season. Stylish, classy and gorgeous, coin jewelry brings a glam vibe even to the most basic outfit. If you like gold coin rings or dainty coin necklaces, you have come to the right place. At Ana Luisa, we have put together a collection of unique coin jewelry featuring designs that you can’t find anywhere else. From highly detailed coin pendants and layered coin necklaces to coin jewelry featuring historic symbols, in our collection you will discover an array of fabulous pieces. Scroll down to choose the coin jewelry piece that matches your style.

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Why & where to buy coin jewelry?

A dainty coin necklace is an essential jewelry piece that you can use to upgrade your work outfit or add a stylish vibe to your casual tee & jeans look. A coin ring is the perfect statement piece and coin jewelry, in general, blends modern and retro vibes in gorgeous designs. If you want a jewelry piece that stands out without being a statement piece, then coin jewelry is what you are looking for. And last, but not least, coin jewelry is at the top of designers’ preferences this season.

How to style coin jewelry?

Go for a daring monochrome look in white and season it with droplets of gold. Choose a tailored white blazer, a white chiffon top with a V-neckline and white crop trousers. Wear a dainty coin necklace with a medium-sized link chain and a pair of gold ball studs. Complete your fabulous look with a solitaire pearl earring and you have the recipe for a jaw-dropping look.

How to clean coin jewelry?

Since coin jewelry generally doesn’t feature gemstones (except for some layered coin necklaces designs), it is easier to clean than gemstone jewelry. However, you should still make sure to clean it regularly using a soft jewelry brush soaked in warm water. Don’t use detergents or harsh chemical substances. And, because with coin jewelry its texture is very important, make sure to get your jewelry professionally polished once a year. Store it properly on a necklace tree or inside the jewelry box.


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