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One can simply never have enough casual necklaces. There are always news styles that you want to try and new outfits combinations that require certain necklaces. And if you are looking for your next favorite necklace, you have come to the right place. At Ana Luisa, we have put together a collection of casual necklaces that are simply gorgeous. From chic coin necklaces and simple chains to lacquer pendants and layered necklaces, you are in for a treat. Scroll down to see our fabulous designs and choose the necklace that matches your personal style. We promise you will never want to take it off.

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Why & where to buy casual necklaces?

You need a necklace to wear with your favorite tee and ripped jeans. Necklaces are ways of expressing ourselves and we should wear them every single day. But, of course, you can’t exactly wear a pearl strand with a crop top and a pair of baggy jeans, can you? This is why you need casual necklaces. And the best place to get them is Ana Luisa’s dedicated collection. Choose the necklaces that help you express your style or pick one that has a special meaning to you.

How to style casual necklaces?

Get a coin necklace with an interesting design, like Ana Luisa’s Kelly necklace, for example. Wear it with simple V-neck tee so that it really pops out. Style your necklace with a hair of medium-sized solid gold hoop earrings and a chunky gold ring. Wear a midi suede skirt and strappy boots to complete your look. Of course, this is just an idea. With casual necklaces, you have lots of options for styling them.

How to clean your necklaces?

Use a soft jewelry brush or a lint-free cloth for cleaning your casual necklaces. You also need warm water but don’t add harsh detergents to it and don’t soak your necklaces in water. Clean them gently and with patience. When you are not wearing them, the best place for storing your necklaces is the necklace tree. This way, you can prevent them from getting tangled inside the jewelry box.


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