Anniversary Ring Collection

Looking for the best anniversary ring to celebrate your wedding or relationship anniversary? Then you are in luck because we have just released a fabulous collection of unique anniversary rings. Get an anniversary ring for yourself or buy it for you beloved to show them how much you value your relationship. From gemstone rings with vintage cuts to fabulous rings with traditional gems for wedding anniversaries, you will discover gorgeous jewelry pieces in our collection below. Scroll down to see what we have in store for you and choose the anniversary ring that represents your relationship.

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Why & where to buy an anniversary ring?

Wearing an anniversary ring or getting one for your significant other is a wonderful idea. You can stick to tradition and get a ring with a specific gem according to the number of years you are celebrating together. You can also get a fabulous with a non-traditional gemstone that means something for the both of you. For example, a moonstone ring is about passion and never-ending love. A pearl ring is something you get when celebrating three years of marriage, while an onyx ring is ideal for your 7th wedding anniversary. Get your anniversary ring from Ana Luisa and enjoy a unique jewelry piece that will remind you of the bond that you share with your significant other.

How to style an anniversary ring?

Because a nice gift is followed by a delicious dinner, let’s see how you can accessorize your anniversary ring and what you should wear to dinner tonight. Wear your beautiful ring along with an elegant pair of statement earrings. You can feature the same gem in your earrings or go for simple gold pieces. Choose a silk midi wrap dress with a feminine print and a pair of lacquer sandals. Wear a thin bangle and you are ready to go out.

How to clean an anniversary ring?

Get a soft jewelry brush and soak it in water. Clean your ring gently with the brush and let it dry off afterwards. Once a year, take your anniversary ring to the jeweler’s to check the setting and make sure the gem is still secure. 


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