Our story

Beautifully fair jewelry

Where jewelry comes with a beautiful backstory

Our home is your home.

We founded Ana Luisa to bring clarity to the jewelry industry. Having spent many years working for traditional luxury brands, the opaque savoir-faire, dubious manufacturing, and retail markups did not look right to us. We want to write a more beautiful story from beginning to end—starting with recycled materials whenever possible, transparent business practices always, and small-batch designs that are kind to the Earth.

We create sustainably-crafted pieces that bring joy to those who wear them, and to those who make them, with the conviction that luxury can be enjoyed without excess.
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Brand Philosophy

Make a lasting statement

We believe in crafting sustainable jewelry accessible to all.

We always set out to make simple yet stunning pieces you'll reach for every day, the building blocks of your accessory wardrobe. Wear them on their own, together, with that vintage piece you found at your favorite thrift shop, or with your great-great-grandmother's heirloom ring—they're not the jealous type. Just like our planet, they're happiest with a bit of sunshine and handled with great care.

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Design Philosophy

Consciously beautiful

Our designers are obsessive purveyors of art, architecture, and antique stores—all things built to last.

With a less-is-just-enough philosophy, our collections are released in limited-run small batches each Friday to ensure highest production standards and eliminate excess waste. Our designs are intuitive and thoughtful, simple pleasures to look at and live in. Our goal is to enjoy and celebrate the beauty of the earth without leaving a trace.

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