Dangle Earrings

Elegant, glamorous and chic, dangle earrings are the definition of style. We love the way they look, we adore the sound they make as we move our heads and we especially love wearing them with off-the-shoulder blouses and dresses. In reality, we are obsessed with dangle earrings and it’s time for you to share our obsession. Whether you want gold chandelier earrings, delicate pearl drops or linear drop earrings with tassels, you will find the perfect pair of dangles in our collection below. Come on over to the dangling side. We don’t have cookies, but we do have fabulous designs.

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Why & where to buy dangle earrings?

You know it and we know it. A woman simply needs dangle earrings for those occasions when she wants to feel glamorous and chic. And because dangles come in varied designs, you are guaranteed to find a pair that matches your face shape. Linear drop earrings elongate a round face, while ball drop earrings soften an oblong face shape. Make the most of your inner elegance and get a pair of unique dangle earrings from Ana Luisa.

How to style dangle earrings?

Let’s talk about geometry, shall we? Don’t worry, there is no test waiting for you, but rather a fabulous styling idea. Get a pair of dangle earrings with geometric shapes and wear them with your hair up in a messy updo. Choose on off-the-shoulder top in a solid color and a midi skirt. Bring back one of the geometric shapes in your earrings by wearing a triangle or square ring. Take it one step further with a delicate anklet and a pair of stilettos. Stay classy and chic with dangles and let everybody admire your flawless style.

How to clean dangle earrings?

Take good care of your dangle earrings if you want them to maintain their glamorous vibe. The most important two rules are to clean your earrings regularly and keep them away from harsh chemicals and water. Simply clean them with a damp lint-free cloth by rubbing them gently and let them dry off. Apply perfume and body lotion before putting your earrings on.


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